Between the Ends: May 10, 2016


Do you know why I like Sunday evening gathering at our church? Because the tone is different and the worshipful setting of the morning is augmented with a equally worshipful evening interaction between pastor and people. It’s the off-camera, unprepared, and vulnerable responses from people that make these services distinctive and beneficial. In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked the question, ” What is the best memory and the worst memory of Mothers’ Day you have?” One of our dear ladies, replied in part, ” It’s losing a child (children), and confronting the helplessness and anger that follows, challenging your trust of the Savior and your attitude.” 

Death is that awful enemy, isn’t it, that relentless pursuer of your dreams, and the one adversary we cannot shake in life. But as I will remind you on Sunday from Genesis 5, in a world where death is the constant companion for everyone, God injects Himself into that world in three very distinctive ways:

  1. God is at work, pursuing the individual. 
  2. God is at work, protecting His Remnant (Chosen ones). 
  3. God is at work, sustaining the family that bears His name. 

In a world where the culture of death reigns over the spiritual and physical world,depriving it of longevity and laughter, there is yet good news.

God is not dead, He continues to pursue individuals, in order that He might draw them to Himself; He will maintain a remnant on the earth until He comes; and, He sustains the presence of Family through His church and those who boldly confess His name before the world. 

And therefore, even in the obituaries, we can praise Him. 
What are your ten highest priorities this week? 
Where does pursuing the Holiness of God rank in those expectations?