Between The Ends: October 22, 2015


Well, good Thursday to you…  I thought I might take a different approach to the short time we have together. Why not share a preview about what you can expect this week, rather than what you already heard..We are currently in the midst of a trek through the NT for the purpose of gaining more insight into the bigger picture of the gospel and God’s kind intention toward the world. This week our stop in James and specifically, what the brother of Jesus may have learned that made him and his rather controversial book so valuable to the New testament. He has much to say about struggle, sin, and the outward expression of our faith. See you Sunday for the rest.

The MISSIONARY CONFERENCE! is now behind us and we are better believers for the time that we had to share with the Byrums and the Banks. Both couples did a great job in helping us better understand their worlds and giving us a great sense of the challenges and struggles they face. Please pray specifically for the Banks as they prepare for their future ministry in the states and seek that specific fit for their family and ministry.

AWANA: Part of my toolkit for growing up a family
I’ve been working on a number of disciplines to build more godliness and hunger for the presence and person of Christ into my own life. Over the years, these disciplines have proven valuable to me personally and to those who walk closest with me. These character norms are the same truths that we are seeking to lodge within the lives of our AWANA youth, beginning at the earliest levels. Do you have a plan? If not, why not stop by our AWANA club ministry on Sunday evenings at 5:00 and catch a glimpse, maybe a longer look at what it means to be a growing Christian. Adults are welcome in the Trek group. James Byers and I talk about some amazingly adult themes. Now, theres a new thing, AWANA for adults. Go figure.TALKING TRUTH 101
Bible class: Mark’s Gospel:
The Bible class:
The next big thing has landed and it is the GOSPEL OF MARK. Grab your Bible, something to write with, and let’s give ourselves to learning about the life of Jesus. Dean Gilmer is our teacher and is working hard to prepare lessons that challenge us… Let’s work hard by preparing well to listen and learn.

Wednesday John Study:
We’re back in John’s gospel this Wednesday. We began examining John 5 last evening and came away with some amazing insights. What should we think about a man who for 38 years laid useless before a “rumor” that could not help him, and when finally rid of his malady and now with the freedom to do almost anything, cares only about making sure the Pharisees “know” that it was Jesus who made him well– oh, wait a minute, on the Sabbath. And that aspects of this great injustice we’ll talk about next Wednesday.

Friday Men at Work:
We’re hiring- looking for hard working men! No experience necessary… We’ll train. And if you can’t join us in person, you can still get the book, read the selection, and join the conversation by tweeting me @vicarc1.

THIS WEEK FROM TOZER: Understanding Those Dry spells
THE PREMISE: ” Moments of great spiritual delight do not require much faith; if we never come down from the mount of blessing, we might easily come to trust in our own delights rather than the unshakeable character of God.”

THE QUESTION: Every one has dry spots in their life? What is your response?
Join us at the 6:30 am hour, Fridays, Cousins Restaurant, South Haven. By the way, we have the unique opportunity to bless our server, Kristen, who faithfully comes in early to make our morning better. Let’s make sure we honor that service an appropriate tip! MJC