Between the Ends: March 8, 2016

A vote for you in the only election that matters

Today I voted in the primary for the candidate that I believe best represents a position consistent with my principles for self government and with my understanding of the Scriptures. Now, who I selected is really irrelevant to my comments here but the process of choice fascinates me. Some 156 years ago, Abraham Lincoln debated policy and sought the support of an electorate that was being divided as the Civil war loomed certain. And yet, in 1860, the chief concern- of nearly everyone in the North, was- preserve the Union. How far we’ve come when our consuming interest in politics is not the good of the union and the protection of the higher good, but our right to be angry and “throw out the bums” who got us here…Bravado, not bravery, intensity, not integrity are the new buzz words for change.

But, here’s a thought, rather than choosing, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, Bernie or Kasich, we should choose, prayer, we should choose confession of our personal and national sins, choose a study of the Scriptures, choose joy, choose holiness, and choose worship as a platform for change. 

Because, after all, if you are a believer, God chose you, and at the cost of His Sinless Son, adopted you, redeemed you, regenerated you, and reconciled you to Himself. 

And that’s what we’ll celebrate this Sunday as the lid comes off our baptistry and we re-enact that great new habit which got its start on that Acts 2 day–“So then, those who had received his word were baptized; and that day there were added about three thousand souls.” (Acts 2:41)

And that’s how God can really “Preserve the Union.” MJC