Between the Ends: March 30, 2016

What I need the most from life

As I write this week’s edition of BTE, my wife is at the wheel while we inch closer to Kansas City and then on to Manhattan, Kansas. We spent last evening with life-long friends of Debbie and me– believers we trust and love, and never seem to see enough of over the years.

We hope to spend the the next few days with Deb’s family and another dear friend (Raymo) who just lost his wife. Each of these people are important to us, each have faced difficult circumstances over the years and all of them know Christ personally. They have a relationship with the living God– and we all need that. When a relationship with Jesus is active and thriving, the world may bruise us, but nothing can destroy us.

Which brings me to Genesis 3:1, and this week’s sermon topic. It’s almost unimaginable to consider just how much Adam and Eve had going for them- life in a perfect world,  a wonderful life with each other, and most importantly, the relationship they shared with God, vicariously enjoyed through the person of Jesus Christ.

We would do well to consider daily, just how much we have to lose when we willingly and willfully sin against God. Satan is real, we should view him as a threat to our relationship with Christ, and finally, we should confront our temptations honestly, counting the cost beforehand by saying as Joseph said in Genesis 39:9, “How then can I do this great evil and sin against God?”

God’s family is the relationship we need the most! MJC