Between the Ends: March 22, 2016

I know it’s Spring, because…

I just discovered to my surprise, that Spring has arrived and the celebration of Easter cannot be far behind…

But wait, how did I miss the signs that were all around me?

  • For starters, I see J.C. Penny is running their Spring dress and suit sale. I almost missed that it had any connection with the resurrection, and finally saw that it was just part of Spring clean-up. 
  • March Madness has arrived with more hype and “hoopla” than ever before- and blanket coverage by the networks. Look carefully and you will see its “disciples” everywhere, brackets in hand.
  • And daylight savings time, arrived at 2:00 am, just like it does every year. When Ben Franklin thought of this, why couldn’t he schedule it for a more tolerable time than 2:00 am. I mean, really, who can stay up and celebrate at that hour. At least “Phil” sees “his shadow” in the morning. 
  • Oh, yea, St. Patrick’s Day was last Thursday, a sure-fire welcome to Spring. Only problem, I forgot to wear green to church. 

As valuable as these perennial wake-up calls are for you (or not), what remains the constant for the Christian’s calendar is the eternal power of the resurrection to declare the real history and hope of Jesus Christ, living and loving the ones He died to save. So again, this year, we roll back the stone and peer longingly into the tomb that changed our lives forever.  

The Last Word…”What say we” about Jesus Christ? Shall the resurrection become that “little pebble” of irritation in our shoe, complicating an otherwise busy season, or the Rock of  our Salvation, to which we are drawn to every Spring.