Between the Ends: March 1, 2016

What we learned in Junior High? Middle school?

In my library is a cute little book, by Robert Fulghum entitled, All I really needed to know, I learned in kindergarten. It’s a great little book “chocked” full of good lessons learned early that likely made us better at life. 
I mention that because my friend James and I have the privilege of sitting down with several middle schoolers each week in our AWANA Trek program. In our lesson this week from Luke 8, Jesus is responding to three folks who want to be disciples, well sort of… What jazzes me ( young person term) to realize,  is the trouble we can save ourselves as adults if we can just wrap our minds around 3 principles that I think our middle-schoolers got down well. 
  1. Foxes have houses but I don’t!Put a price on your possessions-Is the cost too high? 
  2. Let me bury my father! What priority will people, even important people have in my life? 
  3. I’m really thinking about following God! What goals in my life will I consider non-negotiable? 
If more people (potential disciples) got that right in middle school, think where our homes, and churches, and country might be!