Between the Ends: January 5, 2016

Why not plan now to finish the year well. It’s not too soon to get started right.

If you had but days to gain the wisdom you need for life, how might you spend it?  Our week
 of ministry is built upon the principle that our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him for ever. With that as a guiding principle, we don’t assemble merely for the sake of saying we have met together. We desire the joy of worship and blessing of fellowship as that attraction that draws us closer to the living God. That principle then informs our times together. 
  • We meet on Wednesdays because knowing the Bible is knowing God. We hear from Him in the Scriptures and in prayer, He hears from us.(Wednesdays at 6:00)
  • Our men meet on Fridays because men need fellowship and a guiding direction in their lives. They need a safe place to become the men God has called them to be.  (Cousins at 6:30am)
One week in 52. How would God want you to spend it?


Putting feet to the theme of the year.

Our theme for this year is prayer but if I know anything about me, I know that merely making a declaration about what I intend to think about is worth no more than the paper I write it on. It’s in the doing where the habit is formed and the discipline strengthened.
With that in mind, I have created a one page per month journal, each month with a new focus on prayer.
Think about prayer, focus on prayer, and reflect on your own prayer life.

Offering Update

We are asking God for the funds needed to finish our ball field complex. We need 
$8,000.00. So far, we have raised $2,500.00. Can you help us?