Between the Ends: January 26, 2016

Deadlines… Deadlines…Deadlines

We live in a world of deadlines. Those of us in leadership positions for this church were asked to provide our year-end reports to the office so that they could be included in the annual report. What’s more?  
*I noticed that the IRS requires your employer to mail your W-2 form by January 31st.  
*On that same note, your taxes must be filed by April 15.
*Every year, those enrolled in Medicare must choose a provider.
*And if you have an anniversary or birthday, it is most beneficial if those closest to you remember that special day in your life.
And so it goes… the list of deadlines grows longer by the years. So it should be no surprise that God abides by deadlines as well. In fact, He has determined a day both to judge the world (Acts 17), and a day where He will evaluate the results of Christians as they have labored for the fruit of righteousness and laid up treasures in heaven(I Corinthians 3; II Corinthians 5).
So, here’s the thing– are we sailing on in our lives, never giving a second thought to the deadlines God has put into place, or proactively approaching our eternity with an eye toward pleasing the Lord who sacrificed His life for our future glory? It’s not too early to be planning for the eternal deadlines God has put into place.

What’s next?

If you’re like me, you like to know what just around the next turn. Here’s some projects we’re working on at Bethel for the coming months.

*February 10 (Wednesday): Missionary, Jim Telman; Africa
*February 13: A Valentine banquet with a fresh version of the Newlywed Game.
*March: Baptismal service:
*March 11-12: The annual Christian Workers Conference in Grand Rapids.
*June: Annual Man Up 4 Life Backpacking trip
*June: How about it girls, should we rent a cabin, invite the guys and hang out in the woods too?

*August: An All-American game: VBS sports week.

Offering update

We await God’s leading as we prepare for a summer ministry, that we hope will include a ball field complete with backstop and bleachers. Our goal is to develop a VBS program around a sports/ baseball theme. Would you consider giving to this project? How do you feel about moon dust?  Stay tuned, we’re looking for an August VBS.

Your Question to Ponder?

What talent or skill set do you possess that might be deployed into the lives of others, through our church, that might create an interest or curiosity in peoples’ lives, or maybe even lead them to connect with this ministry here to learn more about the Lord we serve?