Between the Ends: January 12, 2016

Hitting your stride

This past Sunday afternoon I was privileged to offer some remarks on the occasion of a special recognition for a friend’s retirement after 30 years of leading the choir at my former church. At the close of my remarks, I noted that “Jim” always came to choir prepared, always behaved like a professional and always demonstrated a burden for the Faith once delivered to the saints.
And then, I thought… who else did that every day of his professional life? The Daniel of the Bible, represents the best of Old Testament models; a man whom nothing negative is ever disclosed. We would hasten to confess that while Daniel was not a perfect man, he was a perfected man; whose godliness was reflected in ways that mirror the ministry of my friend. Daniel came to a foreign land, deprived of family, and all the personals that provide us our identity and yet always entered the court prepared, always acted like a professional (even to those whose theology was contrary to his own), and forever kept the Faith once delivered to Him. We would do well to join men and women of his caliber.

From the Superintendent

Even a casual glance at the book of Acts reveals the 4-fold basis of the local church. If it’s a church it must have teaching, worship, fellowship, and prayer. It may do more, but it cannot do less and still be a local church. Our adult Bible class is nearly finished examining the Gospel of Mark under the guidance of Dean Gilmer. We are grateful for the insight. We await the next elective while Ron Oliver enjoys some well deserved rest. Next up: Mike Sweet. Good teaching requires solid preparation on the part of the teacher, and a burden to learn on the part of the listener. Our kids benefit from Richard Burlingham and Hope Leach; both of them commit themselves to unpacking God’s Word each week as well. May their tribe increase.

Offering update

We await God’s leading as we prepare for a summer ministry, that we hope will include a ball field complete with backstop and bleachers. Our goal is to develop a VBS program around a sports/ baseball theme. Would you consider giving to this project? Maybe someone is burdened about moon dust? Who knew?