Between the Ends: February 23, 2016

I’ve been wondering– Does God have anything to say about my work, the nature of my rest, and my “track record” for prioritizing worship?

As I sat with some of our kids the other night; after they had taken it upon themselves to arrange a surprise birthday celebration for their mother, I was reminded of the joys of family and the blessing of watching them set apart time in their schedules to encourage their mother on what might have been a difficult birthday.
True, the time was short, as often our rendezvous are, but the value of making a plan to pursue the priorities that matter to our family, cannot be overstated. 
And that very fact is readily apparent as we connect with the particular scriptures that will inform our discussion (sermon) this week. In Genesis two, God lays before us the priorities that should matter to any culture and every people group. After setting the creation in place in an orderly fashion, God rests from His work, places a premium on the work He has done, and on the rest that should result from godly work, and then sanctifies the very day that should be the highlight of our work week. And it might interest you to know… is not the weekend, but the worship. Cultures as well as families thrive when their priorities are biblically centered and authentically practiced. Join us Sunday, we’ll discuss the culture’s need for work, rest, and worship.
As always, if you’re in the area, you are welcome to join us at 11:00 am in South Haven.