Between the Ends: February 2, 2016

I’ve been wondering–

*Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow?
*Did Donald Trump win the Iowa primary?
*Will my wife Debbie enjoy her birthday?
*Will I have enough money to retire?
Ok, there are other questions that occupy my mind but most of what bursts into my life probably will not rise to the level of impending, absolutely vital, or even, dare I say, necessary. So what really matters in my week?
*Am I loving my God? If so, how?
*Am I pouring my self into others- my spouse, my kids, my grandkids, my colleagues, my protégés, or employees… What about church families?
*Have I sorted out what will quickly pass from the minds of those around me– or what will rust before I’m done admiring?– the toys that captivate us but in the end steal from us…
Yes there is help, The Church, yep that’s right, God’s Church, has been given the primary task of helping you answer those questions (as well as many more), correctly and biblically today– so that, one day, you’ll thank God– and rejoice in the fullest blessings of eternity!


*February 10 (Wednesday): Missionary, Jim Telman; Africa
*February 13: (Note the change of date) A Valentine banquet with a fresh version of the Newlywed Game.
*March: Baptismal service
*March 11-12: The annual Christian Workers Conference in Grand Rapids.
*June: Annual Man Up 4 Life Backpacking trip
*June: How about it girls, should we rent a cabin, invite the guys and hang out in the woods too?
*August: An All-American game: VBS sports week!

Offering update

Be on the lookout for the ball field offering poster created by our own Jessica Byers.   After some good early innings (offerings), we have rounded first and are on our way toward second base… Can you help us get to third?  Stay tuned, we’re looking for an August VBS.