Between the Ends: April 5, 2016

A Whack on the Side of the Head

One of my dreams has always been to attend Dallas Seminary and sit under the men whose books I have read throughout my ministry career. That dream has been realized over the last decade and in particular, I am grateful to have studied under the tutelage of Dr. Howard Hendricks. Over the years Dr. Hendricks has been known for his sharp wit, keen illustrations and love for his students. I was fortunate to share a classroom with him during the last years of his life. He was well prepared, an excellent communicator and could turn almost any object or situation into a applicable illustration. But what I appreciated most about “Prof” was his pursuit of godliness, the love for his wife, Jeanne, and his passion for creativity. The heading, “A Whack on the side of the Head”, was the title of one of the textbooks that we had to read. The graduate level class directed toward pastors, teachers, and missionaries was an intentional and passionate call to use the creativity that is part of being made in God’s image to transform the blandness and sameness that is found in many ministries into a work that appeals to the real needs of people in ways that makes them more than curious, even hungry to know more.
Which brings me to this thought. We all have gifts that should be exercised in and out of the local assembly. Far too many of us, will go to our graves, without ever stretching our minds or giving that fresh idea an opportunity to succeed. How sad, both for us when God may have used that dream to change our lives… or maybe more importantly the lives of others.
With this in mind, I leave you with the encouragement that Phil and Dean left us with on Sunday. Two men, with a love of music, and a larger love for God, using, ares of interest… even giftedness to push us toward worship in ways that are unique and provoking to our Spirit.
For all of you who do the same… May your tribe increase…MJC