Between the Ends: April 19, 2016

A Call for Spiritual Toughness

This past week, a friend of mine completed his boot camp experience for the Marine Corp in the San Diego. A week before that, his mother contacted a number of us, who have known this young man most of his life, requesting that we be in prayer for his final exam– a grueling 54 hour experience known as the Crucible, where the recruits are allowed just 3 meals, less than 5 hours of sleep, and must perform a number of activities successfully as a team, in order to complete the program and graduate. My friend Abe, and countless others I know weren’t drafted, they were not pressured into this 12 weeks of personal, spiritual, and physical challenge, but as far as I can tell, at least by the smile of Abe’s face, He is encouraged by his sense of accomplishment and what it means for him going forward.

What drew him to this challenge? Well, I’m sure the answer has many factors, but it seems apparent that our lives are improved most by the challenges that seem the hardest. And that is no more true than in our Christian life. The problem is, in our overreach of understanding grace, we have eliminated the burden to pursue a passionate and pure relationship with Jesus. And that’s why I believe so much in ministry that involves study, hard work, and personal sacrifice. Because these factors and others, build Spiritual toughnessinto the lives of believers, that frankly, we need, and just can’t get any other way. So, whether its backpacking, reading, or committing to a prayer journal, Paul’s comments to Timothy in I Timothy 4:7,were timely and hold practical value for us in our “cushy,” culture of ease. Get off the couch (literal or otherwise), and get into the “gym”, which is the training ground for our spiritual life today and… our life eternal.


Adult Bible School Class

  1. What does John have to say about love and false teachers?
  2. What does Paul have to say about Holiness?
  3. What does Jesus have to say about discipleship?
Just a few of the topics addressed last week in our weekly Bible classes? . Does God want us to know this? What responsibility do we bear?

Offering update…WE REACHED OUR GOAL!

Because of the graciousness of God’s people and the Faithfulness of our God, we have reached our Goal. We look forward to 
pressing on with the construction of the field. Stay tuned.