Between the Ends: April 12, 2016

Thanks, I needed that!

Over the years, I have been intrigued with commercials that have become part of the American landscape. One very popular “spot” years ago involved Mennen, “Skin-Bracer” after-shave, with the actor of the commercial facing some difficult task. In one case, the scene is a boxing match. After a difficult round the boxer returns to his corner, looking like he may not be able to show up for the next round. With all else failing, the corner man pulls out his “Skin Bracer” and gives the boxer, a cold slap in the face. The reply is instantaneous, ” Thanks, I needed that.” 

All of this makes me wonder. How many times, has God given me just what I need, just when I needed it? How many circumstances have I faced where either the temptation was too great, my discouragement too strong, or my assets too small, but God showed up in the form of another person, His providence, or a miraculous set of actions that brought His blessings into my life? And then there have been those times, as with my friend, Raymo, when even in the midst of great disappointment and despair, God wrapped his arms of comfort around him and shows Himself strong.  

I talked with a man last week, who thanked me for something I had done for him, and after I responded that it was my pleasure to help, he said, simply, “No, We needed that…” 

So, going forward, may I encourage you to reflect upon your life using God’s Word and His attributes as the measure of what He wants to accomplish in your life. We are seldom experts in knowing what we need and when we need it. But, when I meditate upon His perfections and think about the depth of His love for me, I am more apt to thank Him and less likely demand of Him– more burdened to say, in humble adoration, “Thanks, I Needed it.” MJC

Adult Bible School Class

Maybe we Should Cancel Sunday School?
If we made decisions about retaining ministries on the basis of how well it is attended, we may have made the decision to cancel our Bible school or Bible study and prayer meeting long ago. I know of many “apps” for my phone that after an initial  launch, determined  that the application is no longer viable or making money. And so, as the story goes, “We thank you for your support, but we are terminating our service.” 
The study of God’s Word and the prayer that takes place among His people should not be taken lightly or discounted casualty.  We won’t be cancelling anytime soon. MJC